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SOLID stool

Solid is inspired by the traditional milking stool, reinterpreted in a contemporary distinct sculptural piece of furniture with a strong sense for craftsmanship and seating comfort. 

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BRIK candle holder

The candle holder was designed by New York based French designer Aurélien Barbry. The special feature are the blocks made of solid aluminum, which can be combined in different ways. It impresses with its timeless, puristic design and its versatility.

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HOPPER watering can

Andreas Kowalewski created this porcelain indoor watering can with the intention of abstracting a small, useful everyday object in its shape so that it appears like an abstract sculpture when not in use. The large funnel is used to fill the jug, but also serves as a handle.

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We collaborate with an international group of contemporary designers, architects, artists and craftsmen. These creative minds embody Caussa’s vision to continuously invest in culture and innovation. 

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