At Caussa, we are committed to treating our environment responsibly. The basis for this is primarily that we produce everything in Germany, including our cardboard packaging. Not only do we prefer local craftsmanship and the dignified conditions that come with it, but we believe that by appreciating natural materials and working with dedicated designers, we can increase the focus on choosing between quality and quantity.


Recognize responsibility in design.

At Caussa, we are aware of our responsibility to influence the well-being of people and the environment with our products. Therefore, in a world of extreme consumption, the functional and aesthetic gesture of a product is very important to us. We are convinced that sustainable and design driven business practices are an essential requirement for a long-term successful strategy. That is why we are constantly busy developing ourselves further and facing new challenges.


It is very important to us that all of our products reach our customers well protected from damage and in a space-saving manner. 
All of our products are packed and transported in brown cardboard material. We make sure that we do not waste useless volume in the packaging and that we can do it without filling material as far as possible. This requires particularly well-thought-out packaging designs and sophisticated folding techniques. For environmental reasons, we also consciously refrain from multi-colored printing on the cardboard and also minimize the use of stickers as much as possible.


The survival of the African elephants species is in great dangers and Caussa wants to draw attention to this. With every purchased Olifant a portion of the revenue automatically goes to our partner the organization Save Africa’s Elephants ( who helps fostering young orphaned elephants and returning them back into the wild.

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